How the app works

The app captures different types of data which power smarter car insurance policies.

The app computes a Driver Score that ranges from 0 to 100

The Driver Score is an assessment of how safely you. A score above 80 is considered to be safe driving and a score below 40 is considered to be unsafe driving. We use a proprietary algorithm to weigh different factors of the drivers behavior and create a score.

Miles driven

The app captures the miles you drive which enables you to sign up for a pay-per-mile insurance policy.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are driving few miles. People who are working or educating from home may save money on pay-per-mile policies.

Miles driven is also an important factor of the Driver Score algorithm. If you drive many miles with few driving issues than you will have a good score. For example, if you drive 100 miles and only have one speeding issue then you will have a good score but if you only drive 5 miles and have a speeding issue your score will be lower.

Driving events

The app looks for three possible issues with driving: acceleration, braking, and speeding. The app uses the smart phone's built in GPS and accelerometer hardware to understand if the driver is surpassing our predefined safety thresholds. For instance, GPS data can tell the app if the driver is going 85 miles per hour and a speeding event will be triggered and used in our proprietary algorithm to calculate the driver's score.

Below is more detail on the factors of the Driver Score.