Car insurance is changing

We see OEMs such as Tesla offering insurance successfully. The data in our vehicles and phones increased tenfold in the last decade and smart car insurance based on actual driving habits is possible.

The Consumer

Behavior based policies can be a win-win for the driver and insurance company, but first we must gain the consumer's trust in order for them to share their data.

We believe the way to gain their trust is by giving them more control and designing the product around visibility. Our iOS app allows the consumer to control when they are being monitored and control who they share their data with, whether it be friends, family, or the insurance company.

The mobile phones in our pockets are sophisticated enough to build a profile of driving behavior. No external hardware is needed. The process is incredibly simple from the driver's perspective. They download the iOS App, sign up, and start driving. After their first trip they will receive a Driver Score and mile driven number in under 5 minutes.

How we help

Gait's technology can give the insurance company valuable insights into driving behavior and enable them to design an incentive system that works best for them and their policyholders.

Driver Behavior Score

Miles Driven

Driving Incidents

Pre-claim Data

Our API is easy for your IT team to interface with to capture the data required to make smart car insurance.

How to work with us

We can support a number of different partnerships models. Please reach out to learn more about how our technology can help.

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