Car insurance is changing

We see OEMs such as Tesla offering insurance successfully. The data in our vehicles and phones increased tenfold in the last decade and smarter car insurance based on actual driving habits is possible.

The Consumer

The COVID-19 pandemic is a catalyst for remote work. Companies are learning that remote work can be successful long term. Miles driven may not go back to previous levels. With this considered, pay per mile insurance may be appealing to consumers.

Our mobile phone technology can power pay per mile insurance. The process is incredibly simple from the driver's perspective. They download the iOS App, sign up, and start driving. After their first trip they will receive a Driver Score and mile driven number in under 5 minutes.

How we help

Gait's technology can power usage-based car insurance with rating factors.

Miles Driven

Driver Score

Our API is easy for your IT team to interface with to capture the data required to make smarter car insurance.

How to work with us

We can support a number of different partnerships models. Gait is working on becoming a Managing General Agent to provide services in quoting, marketing, and administration.

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