Our Mission

We want to create a world where people are rewarded for improving their driving habits and reducing distractions thus making the roads safer for all. There are nearly 1.25 million vehicle accident casualties each year according to the Association For Safe International Road Travel (more detail here).

Today, car insurance is mostly priced on secondary risk factors such as age, zip code, and credit score. The actual habits and quality of driving is overlooked. We need to provide incentives for people to drive better by putting money back in their pocket when they improve their habits.

We also believe people should pay for car insurance based on how many miles they drive. Driving risk is about one-to-one with miles driven. That means the fewer miles you drive the less likely you are to get in an accident (and visa versa). With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be driving half as much as you used to. Are you paying half as much in car insurance?

Questions we ask ourselves at Gait
  • How much safer would our roads be if we provided intelligence to drivers on how to improve habits and reduce distractions?
  • How much safer would we feel on the road if we knew the drivers around us had a good reason to improve their driving?

Building Technology

One of our primary focuses is the pace of innovation. We are a company of builders and learners. We are product focused and believe if we make great products that people love then the products sell themselves.

We believe that a company is only as good as the people in it so we are looking for the very best builders and learners.